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The TeamsOffice data structure, on which the SOAR technology is based, represents the common objects of commercial life as unique entities each of which is only recorded once and linked to other Entities without a hierarchical structure allowing the creation of multi-dimensional relationships which can be viewed by the user through "2-dimensional windows" in the form of outlines, trees and mindmaps.

Prime Entities
These are the basic building blocks of commercial and management vocabulary: Person, Org(anization), Address, Venue, Project, Resource & Concept.

The simple, logical structure of TeamsOffice allows for easy creation of custom Prime Entities for use in vertical industry applications built on the TeamsOffice platform.

Link Entities
Link Entities represent relationships between two Prime Entities. They are "real" in the sense that each of the linked Prime entities is real, has an existence of its own independent of any other thing but Link Entities are not independent or "stand-alone". They only come into existence as the relationship between two or more independent things

Pre-defined Link entities comprise: Relatives, Residents, Branches, Affiliates, Executives. Again, developers can easily create custom Link Entities.

Doc(ument) Entities
Doc Entities comprise everything important to do with managing documents: Author, Addressee, Project/File, Custodian, Disputes, Bundles, Discussion threads etc.

Action Entities
These are the tools to help you manage your life: Events, Tasks and Notes – and "Register", an incredibly useful little repository for insurance policy numbers, bank account and credit card numbers, online logins – all those awkward little things that you have no idea where to put …… Register entries default to "private" meaning that only the author personally can see an entry (apart from members of the Admin group who can see everything in the database).

The simplicity of the TeamsOffice data structure combined with the power of today's SQL database managers such as mySQL and SQL Server means that you can find the information you are looking for lightning fast – much faster than most other document management systems in the market place even costing many, many times more than TeamsOffice.

Even with hundreds of thousands of records to search, enter a word or a part word in the Power Search box on any record scroll and only those records show that include that string. Enter up to 6 words to hone your search.

The multi-dimensional relational links you create in TeamsOffice allow you to jump with a single click to any Entity that interests you whatever the entity type and wherever the data is stored – so long as you have authority to view that record.

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