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The strength and speed of TeamsOffice lie in its simplicity of design and function enhanced by the intelligent application of cutting edge technical resources to a user interface that gets out of the user's way so as to enhance workgroup productivity and provide an enjoyable user experience.

Structure vs. Flexibility

Every workgroup requires some basic structure to allow its members to understand what the others are up to as they work together. There are hundreds of personal productivity tools available today that allow us to create documents incredibly fast and efficiently and to synchronize them across multiple platforms. But when we work together, we cannot each stick to our own way of doing things without any agreed structure and procedures. That way leads to chaos and frustration.

We all need a similar basic "horizontal" structure for managing documents. We need to be able to link them to each other when they form part of a set, know who is the author, the addressee and so on and assign them to projects, events, locations etc. Then we need to link tasks to the document and the people and organizations responsible for them and notes about how our work is progressing.

If each workgroup has to design its own environment to create that structure, we are each re-inventing the wheel, wasting our time and money not only in thinking it up and designing it but in the incredibly costly process of debugging what we have created.

But, if we create a structure that is inflexible and makes the user adapt to the system rather than supporting himher in getting the work done, we stifle both creativity and productivity.

TeamsOffice provides an intelligent, flexible and fully debugged information management structure that allows its users to get on with the job together from day one but gets out of the way when you need to do it your way.

Hierarchies and Relationships

All the leading online information managers, such as Webex WebOffice and Salesforce.com fall down when it comes to assigning access rights to documents. In fact documents are almost an afterthought to their otherwise impressive information sharing services.

These services make you create a folder with specified access rights to store secure documents. Every user who has access to that folder can see all documents in it. But what do you do when Accounts makes a document that they want Marketing to see and work on? Make a copy in the Marketing folder? And when Marketing updates it, how do workers in Accounts know? Send them all an e-mail?

Whenever you make more than one copy of a document (or any record) you are both wasting space and time and creating a risk that different people will be unknowingly working on different versions. That is why TeamsOffice created the SOAR technology (Store Once Access Randomly). TeamsOffice's record level security allows you to specify for every record you create which user groups and which individual users have the right to view, edit and delete that record. Of course, it also allows you to set defaults for your groups' access rights so that you do not have to take personal time to set them for each record but you can override those default settings at any time to allow particular users and groups to see or not see a record.

TeamsOffice directories do not allow browsing. To access a document you must specify the exact file name. Documents are created with a randomly generated 4 digit prefix so that, if you cannot see the record, you do know the file name and cannot retrieve it. This allows documents to be stored in a pre-defined, systematic manner with the right of access determined by the relational database, not by physically storing documents in a hierarchical structure.

And when TeamsOffice lists the documents you are allowed to see, whether all of them or a filtered subset containing the words you want to search for, it is fast!

The result is greater flexibility, greater security and a more satisfying and productive user experience that works many times faster than other document management systems.

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