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TeamsOffice provides the optimm balance of structure and fl exibility. For example, we all name our documents slightly differently and frequently the names we give to different documents may be similar enougfh to be confusing. How do you remember, 2 years later which letter to Joe is the one you want to review?

TeamsOffice provides a simple, straight forward numbering structure: 2 letters identifying your workgroup, 6 incrementing numbers, a dot, 3 digits (001- 999) for version number (if appropriate) followed by the final dot and suffix (e.g. DM000531.003.doc). You always know exactly whether you are looking at the right document no matter how long it is since you last viewed it - and with full-length "Title" and "Description" fields and the document date clearly visible, you have a better chance of recognising what you want than with any file naming system you could possibly conceive.

What's more, all authorised group members will be able to find the document too without needing to trouble you to help them.

Never forget a password

Passwords are a problem. If you make them simple, they are not secure. if you make them complicated, you are bound to forget them. And when you want a super-secure document that members of the group can all see, the problem of sharing the password without leaking it is multiplied exponentially with each new individual who needs to know it.

TeamsOffice stores your password for you in the secure database record. Any user who has editing rights for the record can see the password and open the document. Anyone who doesn't have editing rights can't. It's as simple as that.

TeamsOffice will also suggest a complex password with letters and numbers, capital and lower case which you can use or not as you see fit.

And, if you want a REALLY secure password that you alone know, well, you can always choose NOT to store it in TeamsOffice. But don't call us if you forget it!

Simple by Design

TeamsOffice is simple to use because it is simple and straight forward by design. Conceptually, all it does is allow you to create 3 kinds of entities, Prime Entities, Document Entites and Action Entities and let you link them together without hierarchical structures. Everything is consistent across the entire application so that, once you are familiar with the basic functions, everything follows naturally.

Don't let anyone fool you. Installing and maintaining a secure server to store and backup all your documents, manage the database and user identity, update the software and all the myriad other tasks involved is a challenging and costly undertaking.

TeamsOffice does all that for you. There is no software to download, no server to manage, nothing to update or upgrade. By sharing the cost with TeamsOffice's other users, you can enjoy powerful, flexible, secure document management for as little as US$5.00 per user per month.

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