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Please Contact us to request a TeamsOffice Demo.

The TeamsOffice Demo database is a real live, document base maintained in TeamsOffice just like your own workgroup's documents would be. The only difference is that it does not use SSL security which most user find indispensable for the security of their confidential information stored online.

This document base is a cross between help file/FAQ, live demonstration, blog and wiki.

When you log in, you will instantly see a list of documents showing the newest at the top and the oldest on separate pages behind. You can browse through the titles page by page if you want but this is not the most efficient way to use TeamsOffice. At the top of the page there are two boxes: in the left-hand one you can enter a document number to find that specific document. In the right hand one you can enter up to 6 words or part words to search for any subject you are interested in.

If this is not your first visit to TeamsOffice Demo and you remember a particular document number, enter it in the box and instantly find that particular record. In the menu on the left, you will also find a link to do a full text search.

As a start, you might enter "FAQ" in the search box at the top and see what you get. Or you can enter the number 1 in the document number search box to view and download the Manual which will explain the other features of TeamsOffice including existing features (Prime Entities, Cases and Attributes as well as an overview of features now in development. Version 1 of Doc 1 is Getting Started. Version 2 is a dissertation on the design theory behind TeamsOffice.

As user "Demo" you cannot see the administrative functions of the application or set security parameters. You can find out all about those when you take the FreeTrial.

We shall put up documents on subjects that interest us from time to time. We encourage you to upload documents on your subjects of interest. Although the User Interface is in English, you can upload documents and create database records in any language your personal computer can handle.

Please respect us and our users by refraining from posting offensive, insulting or inflammatory materials.

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