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Traditional document management systems ask you to set up document security by "filing" the documents in folders with different security settings for access by different groups and individuals. But documents rarely fit comfortably in hierarchical systems. More often than not, a document relates to more than one project or subject which frequently have different access rights for different users.

What do you do then? You have only 2 choices: leave one group in the dark or make 2 copies of the document—or 3 or 4. Once you have more than one copy of a document, you can never be certain whether you are looking at the most up to date copy or whether those copies are still in sync.

Let your productivity SOAR

TeamsOffice's Store Once Access Randomly technology means there is only one copy of each document which everybody (who is authorized) can see and access from anywhere in the application.

Power Search

The simplicity of the TeamsOffice data structure combined with the power of today's SQL database managers such as the mySQL used by TeamsOffice means that you can find the information you are looking for lightning fast – much faster than most other document management systems in the market place even costing many, many times more than TeamsOffice.

Even with hundreds of thousands of records to search, enter a word or a part word in the Power Search box on any record scroll and only those records show that include that string. Enter up to 6 words to hone your search.


The multi-dimensional relational links you create in TeamsOffice allow you to jump with a single click to any Entity that interests you whatever the entity type and wherever the data is stored.


TeamsOffice lets you categorize your documents in many different ways: by project, by document type, by the application that created it and by 2 different kinds of Doc Status.

As with all attributes in TeamsOffice, there are no limits to the number of different types you can have for each of these categories. TeamsOffice comes with a number of pre-created examples but you can add to them, edit and delete them at will.

You and your workgroup are in control!

If you want a deeper level of search of documents than even PowerSearch can provide, TeamsOffice lets you search the full text of all the documents you are authorized to see (and no others) and presents the documents with your selected words highlighted for easy retrieval.

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