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The fundamental basis of the TeamsOffice Terms of Service is:

  • The data you put into TeamsOffice belongs to you
  • The TeamsOffice application and environment belong to us

All the terms set out below reflect this fundamental relationship and constitute an agreement between you and us.

1.            The Parties to this Agreement

In this Agreement, which is between you and us

“we”, “us”, “our” etc

all refer to the TeamsOffice division of Global Team Services Limited, a company incorporated in Hong Kong under company number 612847 and having its Registered Office at 2/F., Rosary Villas, 1-19 Lok Lam Road, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

“you”, “your” etc

refer to the person who clicked the button “Create my Team’s Office” on the TeamsOffice web site jointly and severally with any other party who claims ownership of the data stored in the relevant TeamsOffice application.  Where the “Company Name” field has been completed, the person who clicked the “Create my Team’s Office” button shall be deemed to have done so for an on behalf of the named company and to have personally warranted that the company in question is properly formed, in good standing and has the capacity to enter into and perform this Agreement.

2.            The Term

The term of this Agreement starts at the moment when you clicked the “Create my Team’s Office” button and continues until all tasks consequential to termination of the Subscription Period have been completed.

3.            The Subscription Period
The Subscription Period is every period during the Term in respect of which you have paid an invoice issued by us for use of your TeamsOffice application.

Unless revived under the next following sub-clause the Subscription Period shall automatically terminate upon:

(i)             expiry of the period in respect of which you last paid an invoice issued by us for use of your TeamsOffice application;

(ii)           your breach of any of these Terms of Service;

(iii)          if you become insolvent..

The Subscription Period shall revive if:

(i)             We accept a new subscription from you; or

(ii)           following receipt from us of a written notice specifying a breach of these Terms of Service, you remedy the breach to our satisfaction within a period of not more than seven (7) days from the date of issue  of such written notice.

The revival of the Subscription Period shall not impose any obligation or liability on us in respect of any matter occurring, failing to occur, done or omitted prior to such revival.

4.            Our Duties
(a)          During the Subscription Period

we shall by ourselves or through our contractors:

(i)             Provide and maintain a server on which your TeamsOffice application runs to a professional standard of performance;

(ii)           Strive to maintain 99.99% up time;

(iii)          Fix all bugs as soon as reasonably practical

(iv)         Back up your database data and documents to a drive that is located in a different physical location from the main TeamsOffice server at least once a week

(v)           Keep all your information absolutely and strictly confidential and not attempt to access, use or disclose it for any purpose whatsoever except:

(A)        when requested by you to provide support or assistance in maintaining the integrity of your data; or

(B)         as otherwise required by law or the order of any authority having lawful jurisdiction over us.

(vi)         In particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, not use your confidential data for our own benefit in any way whatsoever.

(b)          At the end of the Subscription Period

we shall deliver to you not later than 30 days after the Subscription Period ends one or more spreadsheets containing lists of all the entities recorded in your data categorized by:

(i)             Prime Entities:

(A)        Person;

(B)         Org;

(C)        Address;

(D)        Project;

(E)         Venue;

(F)         Resource;

(G)        Concept

(ii)           Doc Entities:

(A)        Documents;

(B)         Bundles

(iii)          Action Entities:

(A)        Events;

(B)         Tasks;

(C)        Notes:

(D)        Register Entries

(iv)         Mail messages

(c)           Responsibility Ended

Once we have delivered the above, we shall have no further responsibility to you for any reason at all.

5.            Your Duties

You must throughout the Term:

(a)           Input and store in your TeamsOffice application only data that is lawfully yours
(b)          Not store any data in your TeamsOffice application that would or might reasonably be expected to:

(i)             Corrupt any other user’s data;

(ii)           Expose us or any of our other customers to risk of prosecution or litigation or cause us or any of them any undue embarrassment or disrepute;

(c)           Not attempt to access our server or any data on our server in any manner or for any purpose other than to store, access and retrieve your own lawful data in accordance with the normal systems and procedures of the application;
(d)          Not attempt to access the data belonging to any other user of the TeamsOffice application;
(e)           Not do anything on our server that would or might reasonably be expected to materially degrade the performance of the server

6.            Termination
(a)          By you

You may terminate this Agreement at any time upon not less than 14 days’ notice in writing to expire at the end of any invoiced period of the Subscription Period.

(b)          By us 

We may terminate this Agreement immediately at any time upon written notice if:

(i)             You fail to pay the amount due under an invoice for a period of one calendar month or more after the due date for payment;

(ii)           You breach any of the provisions of this Agreement and either (in our opinion) the breach cannot be remedied or you fail to remedy the breach within 7 days from service of written notice requiring remedy.

7.            Notices

Notices should be served on us at the address provided above or by e-mail to info@teamsoffice.com.  Notices may be served on you either at the geographic or the e-mail address you provided when applying for the creation of your Team’s Office or at such other address as you may notify us on not less than 5 days’ notice from time to time.

8.            Jurisdiction

This Agreement between you and us is to be interpreted in accordance with the Laws of Hong Kong to the jurisdiction of whose courts we both submit.

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