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TeamsOffice is any or all of an integrated Document Manager, Contact Manager, Group Schedule and Task Manager and more.

Conceptually :
 TeamsOffice is :
  • A flexible but secure multi-user application for managing all of the documents and other critical management data for a work group, branch or organization
  • A tool for enhancing group productivity and enterprise efficiency and security
  • A browser-based, cost-effective platform of horizontal industry applications on which integrated vertical solutions may be built
  • A full-function collaboration suite
  • The most cost-effective productivity tool for knowledge workers you can find.

 TeamsOffice is :
  • Browser- based – the client workstation needs a modern browser and no more
  • Secure - TeamsOffice provides record-level access control for both groups and individual users, the only hosted document management solution that doesn't make you file your documents in hierarchical folders for strait-jacket security
  • Hosted at:
    • Crystaltech in Phoenix Arizona (www.crystaltech.com), one of the world's top ten favourite hosting companies with top-of-the-line data centre facilities or
    • CWCS of Nottingham, England. (www.cwcs.co.uk)
      CWCS has been voted Number 2 UK Web Host by TopHosts UK. CWCS has recently moved its operations to a new data centre in Nottingham that is in the first rank of UK data centres.
  • Available for installation on your own servers if you prefer.

Who is it for?
Anybody who needs to manage hisher documents efficiently is a prospective user of TeamsOffice – especially if they want:
  • to manage their document, contacts, appointments and tasks in an integrated environment, and/or
  • to have access to their documents, contacts, appointments and tasks wherever they are in the world.
TeamsOffice is for
  • Single Users - especially those who travel for business, such as "one-man-band" entrepreneurs, researchers and journalists
  • Work Groups (of all sizes) who need to share a single data store, such as company departments and project teams. (Remember SME/SMBs are Workgroups too!)
  • Enterprises who can use the group and personal record linking to fine tune security but have the entire company using a single data store
  • Charities Even charities can afford to use TeamsOffice to make themselves more efficient and cost-effective.

Who MUST use TeamsOffice?
TeamsOffice is an indispensable tool for any person, company, government department, institution or other organisation who or which:
  • must serve data, especially documents, on a time-sensitive basis to its clients, customers or members or the public
  • needs to identify archived documents rapidly and retrieve them reliably
  • may be called upon to prove that it has discharged its duty of care or performed its professional obligations and
  • understands the importance of investing in the resources and enforcing the disciplines needed to create the library.

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